Name: Eivind Reierstad

Country: Norway

City: Kløfta

I used to enjoy being alone, but now, alone in my studio-house during the Covid 19 lockdown I suddenly feel very lonely and isolated  The idea of creating art feels meaningless when the outside world is falling apart. 


I decided to stay outside and take up gardening. Every day I am going out to watch how the plants grow and thrive. I am caressing the leaves and the flowers of shrubs I never noticed before, studying their constitution. A lot of them are old medicinal herbs, escaping the herbal gardens of the Monks in medieval times, other are pristine Nordic known from the Viking epoch. They can be used for almost anything. I'm looking at them closely, each and every one. I'm holding them in my hands. I'm bringing them close to my face to experience their smells. I'm hanging them to dry. I'm making a cure.


Video credits: 

Video title: C-19

Camera: Eivind Reiertad

Performer: Eivind Reierstad

Sound: Eivind Reierstad